Indoor Environmental Quality Standards Australia is a an organisation dedicated to helping companies and departments address health in the built environment (HBE). Through its combined initiatives IEQSA operates class-leading research and technical policy in conjunction with commercial ingenuity to create a compelling business case for the uptake of IEQ best practise among participating organisations worldwide.

Cedric Cheong

Dr Claire Bird

Dr Peter Dingle

Dr Bird is a policy advisor and consultant at Indoor Environmental Quality Standards Australia. Claire has a passion for progress in the pre-emptive management of human risk in the built environment.

Claire has a Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours and is a PhD in Environmental Science.  Having spent nearly two decades delivering related projects across the construction, government, insurance and private sectors in the United Kingdom and Australia,

Claire is most enthusiastic today about effecting meaningful change in the way indoor environments are designed and maintained for the betterment of human health.

​​Claire provides input into National building assessment rating tools for properties. She also assesses properties, products and services, providing the depth of environmental science experience required to assess both identified and unidentified variables in order to achieve dependable assessment outcomes.

Claire is a policy and compliance expert in the fields of environmental risk, with a specialty in water damaged buildings and illegal drug manufacturing operations (clandestine methyl amphetamine laboratories), their remediation and safety clearance.

Dr Dingle is a senior policy advisor and consultant at Indoor Environmental Quality Standards Australia and draws on a rich history of research, education, writing, speaking and public health advocacy 

For the last 25 years he has been presenting the findings of his
own continuing research on diet and nutrition, environmental
impacts on health, human well being and productivity.

Peter has a Bachelor of Education in Science, a Bachelor of Environmental Science with first class honours and a PhD. He has produced more than 100 scientifically reviewed papers and is a multi-published author.

He has previously held positions such as director of the National Registration Authority in Canberra and the Amanda Young Foundation and appears regularly on national television and radio programs.

Peter is one of Australia’s leading motivational health speakers and was a multi award winning Associate Professor in health and the environment for 21 years prior to joining IEQSA.

Nicson is the Founder of Indoor Environmental Quality Standards Australia and has been helping organisations to make health in the built environment feasible for 10 years in the life science, hospitality, education, energy and public sectors.

Nicson has been recognised with numerous awards including the Australian My Business Magazine Small Business of The Year and has been featured on the BRW Fast  Starters list.

Nicson heads up the IEQSA commercialisation advisory, combining his working knowledge of cross-category life science with his commercial acumen to pair robust science with sustainable economic outcomes.

Nicson is regularly quoted by industry publications and his advice for travel consumers is often published on leading news sites.

Nicson White

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IEQSA Charter

"Indoor Environmental Quality Standards Australia was founded with the primary purpose of effecting significant indoor environmental quality change in the built environment throughout the developed world."

"...The IEQSA mission is firmly planted in the overriding themes of indoor air quality and chemical exposure, two areas essentially constituent to indoor environmental quality."
  • I​​EQSA Certified 205 Cleaning Practise
  • IEQSA Certified 201 Textile Maintenance
  • IEQSA Certified 202 HVAC Maintenance


  • ​IEQSA Certified 505 Cleaning Product
  • IEQSA Certified 506 Anti Microbial
  • ​IEQSA Certified 605 Cleaning Device
  • IEQSA Certified 905 Text. Maintenance


Cedric is a policy advisor and consultant at Indoor Environmental Quality Standards Australia.

Cedric has produced close to 50 publications as a researcher in the field of indoor air and environmental quality and has visited various research centres in the Netherlands, Finland, Singapore, Canada and the USA as part of his research on indoor fungi, mould remediation, cleaning and environmental quality.

Cedric has a Bachelor of Environmental Science with a Masters in Environmental Science. In 2007 he was co-host of the SBS Scientific makeover program, “Is Your House Killing You?”.

Cedric has previously served as a Lecturer at Murdoch University and Notre Dame University teaching Environmental Science and Occupational Health and Safety and currently lectures at the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Perth, Western  Australia, in the areas of communication, public health, epidemiology, chemistry, social sciences and biosciences.  

​Cedric is passionate about influencing human behaviour in choices which impact upon indoor environmental quality and provides vital input into policy, standards and education at IEQSA.