"...IEQSA Standards address the primary ability of a product or service to sustain indoor environmental quality"

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"...The IEQSA mission is firmly planted in the overriding themes of indoor air quality and chemical exposure, two areas essentially constituent to indoor environmental quality."

IEQSA Certification

IEQSA Certification is available for suppliers and users of products and services as under IEQSA Standards 201 - 905. 

IEQSA Standards address the primary ability of a product or service to support health in the built environment (HIBE) by sustaining or potentially improving upon indoor environmental quality within its designated application. IEQSA Standards form important environmental quality reference points for the commercial supplier, the building operator and the consumer.

For individual products or devices, the certification process is multi-faceted and considers aspects of composition as well as application. In the case of liquid or gaseous solutions such as cleaning chemicals, the IEQSA screening methodology is also applied.

This proprietary process employs a range of qualitative and quantitative measures in order to establish a human safety precedent on the basis of the product's ingredients. For devices, consideration is given to the fulfilment of the product's designated purpose and market claim.

For services, in addition to safety, additional consideration is given to the efficacy of the process as a whole, in consideration of the purpose for which it was designed and is subsequently presented. The service provider is also subject to an interview process in order to establish commitment to adherence.

IEQSA building certifications are maintenance based and designed to promote best practise. They do not replace end-point based building or environmental standards.

IEQSA certification standards are designed to be within reach of suppliers and building operators of all sizes from a technical, operational and financial perspective.

For users of IEQSA Certified products or services, such as building owners and managers, certification for the building can be applied for in the appropriate categories:

​Working Example:

The management of an inner-city office building engages a supplier who is certified in the category pertaining to air conditioning maintenance, IEQSA provides recommendations on the required maintenance frequency after assessing the building's design and usage in order for the building to attain compliance with the corresponding IEQSA standard for HVAC maintenance as a building operator.

Upon attainment of IEQSA Certification in compliance with the respective standard, the recipient is entitled to display the certification accordingly.

For suppliers, IEQSA Certification can be applied for in the following categories:

​For building operators and suppliers within the hospitality sector, please refer to the service or building standards above Read More