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FAQ Services

  • Training
  • Product Testing 
  • Claims Validation
  • Field Sampling and Analysis
  • Risk Advisory
  • ​Policy Creation

IEQSA Charter

"...The IEQSA mission is firmly planted in the overriding themes of indoor air quality and chemical exposure, two areas essentially constituent to indoor environmental quality."


Education for building operators, policy makers, staff and consumers is at the heart of the IEQSA mission. IEQSA personnel are not only leading experts in their respective technical fields, but they are accomplished speakers and public educators.

  • Education and Training  
Outcome-specific education and training can be delivered in the form of single subject-specific workshops, through to multiple day courses. Training programs are tailored and delivered in a format which consolidates subject matter through attendee participation and end of delivery assessment.

​Available topics :

- Risk Management for building owners and operators
- Responsible chemical usage
- Respiratory protection program
- Safety leadership and communication
- Company culture and communication
​​- Monitoring of the built environment

- ​Nutrition and food psychology
​- Working culture
- Workplace health and well-being
​- Stress management and executive health
- Choices in cosmetics 
​- Food and water additives and contaminants

  • Key Note Speaking

Key note speaking engagements whether for thought leadership, technical contribution, organisational change or informative entertainment can be provided across a number of topics.

- Health in the built environment (HIBE)​ an economic perspective

- HIBE a societal impact perspective

- Wellness tourism

- The relationship between corporate responsibility and IEQ

- The conflict of external environmental responsibility versus IEQ
- Workplace health and well-being

IEQSA speakers can typically accommodate requests for specific subject choice or expansion time frame permitting.

- 30 - 60 minutes 
- Half and Full days

To learn more about IEQSA education initiatives, please contact our office.