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  • Training
  • Product Testing 
  • Claims Validation
  • Field Sampling and Analysis
  • Risk Advisory
  • ​Policy Creation


  • ​IEQSA Standard 205 - Healthy Cleaning Certified SUPPLIER 
  • IEQSA Standard 202 - Healthy Air Certified SUPPLIER
  • IEQSA Standard 201 - Healthy Fixtures Certified SUPPLIER
  • IEQSA, UQ Dietetics Scale - Healthy Menu Certified SUPPLIER 


  • IEQSA Standard 505 - Cleaning Product
  • IEQSA Standard 506 - Antimicrobial
  • IEQSA Certified 605 - Cleaning Device

IEQSA Charter

"Indoor Environmental Quality Standards Australia was founded with the primary purpose of effecting significant indoor environmental quality change in the built environment throughout the developed world."

"...The IEQSA mission is firmly planted in the overriding themes of indoor air quality and chemical exposure, two areas essentially constituent to indoor environmental quality."

The Healthy Travel Project™ is a hospitality focused initiative which provides an interface between IEQSA standards and the public for accommodation providers and hospitality industry operators.

The Healthy Travel Project is founded upon the IEQSA four pillars of guest room health which incorporate the areas of:

- Cleaning and chemical usage
​- Indoor air quality
- Textile maintenance
​- Nutrition

​The four pillars of guest room health are interpreted in the form of Healthy Travel Certifications for each aspect. The standards which support each pillar are the same IEQSA Standards which are provided for buildings in all categories with the exception of the nutrition standard which is a joint initiative between IEQSA and the University of Queensland School of Human Movement Studies.

​​Accommodation, travel and hospitality operators can apply for Healthy Travel Certification in the following categories:


​For suppliers of products or services to the hospitality industry, IEQSA supplier standards are also applicable.

​​​The accommodation and combined travel industries are collectively viewed by IEQSA as a primary vehicle for education and the meaningful adoption of better indoor environmental quality practice.